Ralph Lauren -Spring collection 2013

Pieces of this collection are simply stunning and so darling whilst other pieces just confused me all together and I’m starting to wonder what the designers were trying to get at here.
I’m going to talk you through the highlights of the collection and stating my personal opinion on some of the pieces.

The Ricky Bag

The Ricky Bag definitely makes this collection and is by far my favourite piece in the Fall 2012
and the Spring 2013 collections.
These gor-jaws crocodile leather bags with gold finishings are available in three truly beautiful colours
-Brick Red
-Jet Black
-Coffee Brown
But there is also other designs of the Ricky Bag more daytime and wearable like the Carbon Fibre Ricky 33 Bag :

Overall The Ricky Bag was the high of the collection.

Trend Report
In this next section I am going to show you what I ah-dore , hate, wonder about and why!

I Ah-dore


The Spanish Rose:
I think this is classy , stylish but still new. Props to RL for this one any. I especially like the vibrant looks portrayed here too, and the colours all compliment each other perfectly. I couldn’t have done it better myself. My only pointer would be more red!

I Hate



I think both of the looks above are tacky,tired and way to retro. Also they are not wearable and aren’t very flexible , don’t get me wrong I understand the ‘high~fashion side of things but this is taking things too far. I think if the Modern Matador had have been more subtle it could have been a hit.

I Wonder


I wonder what was going through the designers head, clearly nothing as it repeats the last two or three springs/summers of boohoo trends . I mean nothing stays in forever right ,I can even see by what people on the highstreets are wearing that the boohoo look has failed to stay in yet another year,and besides even Mary-Kate knew when her boohoo look had run it’s course. Bad move Ralph Lauren you let the high fashion team down- but by looking at the 1920’s-1930’s pieces on your website it looks like you’ve picked the fashion baton back up and will soon cover up your down fall.
What do you guys think?
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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