Valentines Day Hairsyles

This post will be full of hairstyles perfect for Valentines Day<3
There will be a hairstyles for :
-The Girly Girl
-The All American Girl
-The Fashionista
-The Tom Boy
-The Classy Lady
Girly Girl:

I think this look is very Barbie with a hint of elegance and is perf for any Girly Girl this Valentines Day. It is also a very simple and straight forward hairstyle and will work with any hair colours but would probably look better if you have thick hair.

All American Girl

I think this is very Jess out of ‘New Girl’ and also look very peaceful and effortless all at once.
I think this would be totes ah-dorbs for all of the ‘Normal Teenage Girl’. Again this is very simple and straight forward and will work well on every hair type.

The Fashionista

This look is so mature and I think it has a french theme to it as-well. It’s very LA chic but at the same time quite innocent. Again for this hairstyle it will work better if you have thick hair.

Tom Boy

If your not girly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday too! This look is so stunning in a modest but flattering way and best of all you can still play sports ! This will work best with thin hair.

Classy Lady

Okay I have to admit I’m in love with this hairstyle. It’s so vintage and elegant, it’s like Vouge in a hairstyle! Very mature.This will work with well with all hairstyles!

What look will you be wearing, I’d love to know,
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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