High street

I was scrolling threw my blog when I noticed that alot of my fashion posts are high fashion and most of you probs can’t afford it so I’m going to be doing new posts “high street.
They will include wearable and affordable looks that are still very fashionable!!!!!

California Girl

This look is so ah-dorable but still very effortless. I’m gonna show you how recreate this look
Shorts: Any short, light-wash denim shorts would work a charm. H&M , River Island and Forever 21 do great ones!
Tank top(cropped): Any cropped black tank top will do fine. H&M and Boohoo had some!
Crochet throw-over: A cream, crochet , short throw over top is perf. Try Boohoo and Tobi clothing!
Boots: Any thick heeled boots would be okay. You can find some at Accessorise, H&M, Boohoo and Forever 21!
Sunglasses and necklace : Any from anyway just to tie the look together!!
Look out for the next High-street!
Stay Stunning
xoxo ~ A


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