Lets re-create this uber cute look chicas !!!

I’ve noticed that February is quite the season for concerts, so I’d decided to show you all how to get these two effortless outfits so you will look stunning this season!!!
This first one is cute-as-a-button with an edge of Minnie Mouse going on. I think this look is very sweet and girly<3 Now how to get it:
Dress: You'll need a bright red & white polka dot dress, the one in the picture has a sixties vibe to it in my opinion!!! I found this cute one at Lady Vintage

Clutch: Everyone has a black clutch it’s just the way things work and you can totes use that but personally to give the outfit more of a mature look I’d go for a studded one or a knuckle clutch like these I found,

From The Iconic

From Alexander Mcqueen.
Bracelets: Any cute bracelet set will do.
Shoes: Grab your fave pair of black heels and your good to go!!!
Heres the second outfit:

This look is defo more grown up and rather than having a whole sequin dress which is tacky stay classy with a sequin skirt .
Skirt: An emerald-green-blue colour sequin skirt is what you need but you can switch up the colours if you want! Heres a cute sequin skirt I found at Asos

Top: Any cropped top you can get them everywhere!
Clutch: Any of the ones listed above will work here too<3
Shoes: Black heels , you can keep it simple the skirt is enough bling-Less is More!!!
120 views for my next post,
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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