Thanks for 125 views!!!! It’s my best ever! Do you think you are I am going to do a new segment make up. Make up although it can make you look absolutely stunning if not done correctly can leave you looking worse. Listen up because clumpy eyelashes and necklines are pouah ( french for ugh)! So I’m going to share with all of you stunning ladies my favourite make-up products and some tips & tricks<3
Foundations/BB creams:
Personally I don’t use either as my skin is too sallow:( But I know for a fact that BB creams are so much better for your skin and you can even get some that contain SPF. The Smashbox BB cream has gotten totes great reviews!!!
OMG I love mascara to the moon and back!!! You can get a mascara for everything! My fave right now is the Maybelline Falsies it’s perf<3
Blush : Without a doubt Benefits Fine One One but before you put blush on your looking for a rosy glow and your not masking your flaws your highlighting your assets.
Powder: Powder is just what you put on foundation to keep it all day and help it look matte.
Eyeshadow: Any eyeshadow will work, but google what matches your eye colour eg brown eyes look good with purple shadow. But over all a good product is the Naked Palette.

Just want you all to know that Im quite busy this weekend and might not be able to post as much!
135 views for the next post,
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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