Belle Thorne

Okay guys lets take a minute to admire the ah-mazing Bella Thorne </strong. I know a-lot of fashionistas always look stunning and have totes perf hair and make-up but very few have such a positive attitude and great outlook on life as Bella does and for this reason I think she'd make a brill role model. Plus her fun loving , genuine personality makes her impossible to hate!! So today I'm going to take a closer look at Bella's hair and some of my fave hairstyles!!!


20130303-142253.jpgI think this look is very elegant and lady-like !! Also the bright red lipstick very daring and timeless but if your not brave enough to go all out , tone it down with some vaseline!!

I think this look is more daytime and wearable. I ah-dore the colour under the eyes!!!

I think these big, loose , voluminous curls are Bella’s signature hair style and there very easy to re-create!

Oh-my-my isn’t this little plait just darling!! Perf for some light shopping, school or a quick dash to starbucks!

How cute is this little top not?? I love it so so much!! Again really easy to recreate!

Okay so I know I didn’t mention this in the top and I know this is an older picture but I had to share isn’t this stunning , I mean come on it’s to die for and will be perf for spring/summer.
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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