Okay I going to warn you all in advance I have a huge obsession with two seasons. Summer and Winter. So I advance of this huge session of sun , sea , beach and bonfires. Late nights with boys and early mornings sunning yourself with your friends, I am going to be doing weekly updates of Summer blogs and these will help/guide you in perfecting all the trends that are set to be hot for Summer13 as well as some helpful tips & tricks!!
So today I’m going to help you organise you beach bags!!!!!
Okay so first off here are some nice beach bags that I found.

Ralph Lauren , I ah-dore this stunning beach-bag , I think the straw looks very ‘beachy’!!

Victoria’s Secret I love all of VS‘s beach-bags and I do think it’s one of their strong points and this one is no exception stunning

Juicy Couture okay so personally I don’t really like Juicy couture‘s beach-bags because I think they look too much like tote bags but I really like this one!!
Okay so now some,
Beach-Bag Essentials
– Sunglasses , okay so you probs already own a totes adorbs pair of sunnies but if not or if you in search of a new pair I strongly recommend Juicy Couture, Guess and Dolce Gabbana because they seriously have some stunning pair!!!
– Water , okay so this is going to sound obvious but a-lot of people get dehydrated at the beach .
– SPF , enough said!!!
– Bikinis , come on guys fake is OUT you need a REAL tan .
– Book/Mags , something to read while your sunning yourself, duh!!! I recommend Vouge, Teen Vouge, Ok, Seventeen,Kiss , Lucky
Okay so as you can tell keeping it short and sweet!!
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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