Hay ladies , I’m going to show you a few of my favourite ombre pieces!!

Ombre nails polishes by China Glaze, they have lots of cute colours too!!

Ahhhh OMG cute ombre sweater I’m freaking out right now you guys and this has STUDS!!

Ombre I-phone case, this is a new one even for me. Have yo seen one of these before? Comment below and let me now!

Ombre heels , I can die now, enough said!!

I couldn’t have an Ombre </em post without out posting this gour-jus new trend as seen on Lauren Conrad (above)!!!

Okay again Ombre bed lining was one I hadn’t seen before and took a little bit of looking to find such a stunning one but I’m really in love with this one !!!


Ombre jeans ,I have seen them EVERYWHERE and they are totes ah dorbs !!

Ombre bags are ah-dorable and I found this darling one from Prada, the colour goes from black to a mid grey colour and it really is super sweet!!

Okay so this was my ‘favourite find’ , an ombre skirt!!! Okay lets take a minute to just ….. Words can’t describe this , all I can say is I will be living in this skirt!!!!

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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