Mollie King

Okay so today ladies I’m going to show you some of Mollie King‘s fashion statements and key pieces she’s constantly rocking!!!!
So for all of you who don’t know who Mollie King is (she isn’t huge in the US). She is a member of a part English, part Irish girl-band called the The Saturdays. I got all of these pictures from Mollies Instagram.


I adore this outfit! The pastels make it look so pretty and girly and if you watch The Saturdays show Chasing the Saturdays on E! you ‘d know it’s very Mollie too!!!


In this picture Mollie is second from the left. I think this look is very grown up but is still modest and classy. It is also very easy to recreate!


A onesie!!! Yes it’s good to know that such a stunning fashionista , shares the same guilty pleasure as we all do!!!! So I’m now confirming it ladies have no shame when it comes to wearing onesies on our lazy days.


Yes here lovely little pooch, and who doesn’t want a cute, fuzzball to snuggle to on an afternoon shopping!!!!

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


2 thoughts on “Mollie King

  1. Love the post! I have not heard of Mollie King until this post, but I’m glad I do now. 🙂 Her fashion pieces are ah-dorable. 😉

    PS: New post, I would love if you could check it out

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