Pretty Little Liars Fashion

Okay so we all have a HUGE</strong obsession with Pretty little liars and we are not afraid to the the world, so want to get the look of your fave character ??? Follow these quick and easy ideas and you’ll nail the girls looks!!!


As you can tell Aria’s style is very Bohemian and almost crafty (but in a subtle way not a five years old macaroni necklace way!) . I’d recommend looking in stores like and Tobi clothing.


Hanna’s fashion is girly and casual. She has a very common style amongst girls and woman alike, so to stand out abit more I’d recommend putting your own twist on it. I’d recommend you look in stores like Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21.


So we all know Spencer isn’t very ‘in-to’ fashion but she still manages to pull of the perf effortless look. To re-create Spencer’s style I’d recommend stores like Maceys and Brandy Melville.


I think Emily is defiantly an all-round American girl. She seem to just fit perfectly into the girl next door look and the totes ah-mazing thing about being the girl next store is that the your look can vary from day to day, so ladies shop ANYWHERE !!!!!!

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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