St.Patricks Day!!!!

Choi ladies,
Okay so I know I’m a day late in posting this but how and ever!!! Today I’m going to show you all my outfit for Paddies Day (how most Irish say St.Patricks Day!), I really want to post pictures of my own outfits more as I think that if I’m just tell all of you wonder people how to dress and not actually do it myself (or provide proof) I’m being a-bit hypocritical, but as I’m a minor (under 18) my mom didn’t jump at the chance of me putting my face out into strangers. I told her how wonderfully lovely and kind you all are but no. So long story short I can post pictures of my outfits but can’t include my face, so my question is would you like me to do something like ‘My Favourite Outfit This Week’?!? Comment yes or no below.

Okay so now for the clothes!!








Okay so even though usually St.Patricks Day everyone wears lovely green top hats and stunning green,white and orange wigs(she said sarcastically), I however an not a big fan of that tradition so my festivity was kept to a minimum by just wearing a petite orange almost tutu
like skirt with a little pattern and sparkly green nails. I then paired them with a high-low (you can’t see it as it’s tucked in, but it is!!) violet top, brown oxford flats , some purple tights, a grey frilled,
fitted jacket and a grey knitted snood.

Okay so that concludes my first picture post ,if you have any suggestions/questions leave them below!!
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


2 thoughts on “St.Patricks Day!!!!

  1. I love your blog and the picture posts!
    Your shoes are so! Where’d you get them??


    P.s. I definitely hear where u’re coming from with the no face pictures.I do the same on my blogs.

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment !! As for where I got my shoes I’m honestly not sure as they where a present from my aunt and theres not label/name on them, sorry! And I know you just can’t be too careful on the internet.
      xoxo ~ A

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