A Quick Note-VERY IMPORTANT-Please Read!!!!

Hay ladies, don’t worry I’m working on the surprise for helping me get 300 views, it will defiantly be ready by Sunday (at the latest) but because of SUCH a long wait I’ll give you a clue, there will be a new page and a DIY(kinda) outfit!!!!!
But the meaning if this post is SPAM . I recently checked my spam and realised there was a ton of comments in there ,so obviously I checked them to male sure that no nice commenter was in there. Thankfully no genuine commenter was in there but after reading ALL of the comments I have realised just how bad of a hotspot WordPress is for spam. I’m writing this post to warn my fellow genuine bloggers and too warn all of the commenters who left spam, if I get any more I will report you to my local police station,and BTW I’m not an idiot, when you say “give me your bank account details and I’ll make your blog better”, it’s clearly spam, so thanks but no thanks.
Please to every-other blogger write this post up to try and get rid of spam on WordPress.
Oh and I’ll be checking my spam box more often and I will be advertising the names so everyone else knows not to trust you.
Stay Stunning(and safe),
xoxo ~ A


2 thoughts on “A Quick Note-VERY IMPORTANT-Please Read!!!!

  1. Hey girlie! Try not to worry too much about the spam, they are normally bots that surf the internet and comment on popular posts! I clean out my spam box every now and then and there are always comments filled with nothingness. Try not to be too worried! I can’t wait to see your next post darling!

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