Peyton List

Hola ladies!!! Okay so today I’m going to be looking at the ah-mazing Peyton List !!!? Okay so I seriously don’t think this girl gets enough attention or credit. She is such a poised, classy and sweet girl and in our generation those are very hard to come by.
But on top of all of that she is oh-so-fashionable!!!
So lets have a look at some of her wardrobe. (All of these pictures I got of Peyton’s official blog ‘peypeylist’.


I think Peyton looks very casual in this photo, but still fresh and sweet!!


Okay so I’m pretty sure that this is from a photo-shoot but regardless you can still that this look and transform it into something more wearable.



I think both of these looks are triple C’s – Cute,Casual and Chic.


This is just a cute little ring I saw on Peyton’s Instagram, you can find ah-dorable rings just like this one at Accessorise(monsoon).


Again this look is cute and casual but if you ask me quite sweet and cheerful too!!

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A
PS. If you have Instagram why don’t you follow Peyton at peypeylist ?!?


2 thoughts on “Peyton List

  1. Peyton seems really cool! Glad you wrote about her and her outfits are ah-dorbs.
    Thanks for commenting on my most recent post šŸ™‚

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