Best Dressed Babys

¡Hola! (Im taking Spanish so I’m going to try using some spanish in my posts!)
So today we are going to discuss 2012-2013’s best dressed babies and children.
These are all my own opinions and may not match those in magazines or online polls.
So I’m only going to show my top 3.

Mason Dash Dickson


The eldest of the Kourtney Kardashian’s children, little Mason look totes ah-dorable in his crips white polo and turquoise three-quarter lengths. He is also the only boy to make my top three. Mommy and Daddy Dickson are clearly doing something right.


Above looking so cute with aunt Kim, rocking the stunning shades! Finally a real man who’s not afraid to wear pink!!


This picture is just pure style!!! I’m loving his wide-brimmed hat and those jeans??! He dresses better then guys five times his age!!!

Harper Beckham

Let’s be honest we all had this little girl on our ‘Best Dressed Baby’ list before she was even born!! She clearly takes after mommy when it comes to style, I’ve even read that Victoria runs all her outfits by Harper!! How cute.


This is probably the first big picture to surface of Harper and for good reason too, how ah-mazing does she look. Her ah-dorable, pale pink ,daydress works so well with her tanned skin and personally I think every little girl needs a dress like this .Zara do cute ones if your looking.


Look super stylish here with mommy who is also looking ah-mazing!!! Little Harper is showcasing
an perfect daydress in a darling tan colour paired with a bunny eared headband.


Seen here on a day-trip with big brother Brooklyn, wearing such a sweet dress!!! She really deserves here spot on the list!!

Suri Cruise

Okay lets be honest who else was I going to have here??! Suri is the queen of kid style and no-one will ever take that away from here. It think the main reason being is that when Katie fell pregnant no-body really thought that Cruises daughter would be HUGE in the fashion world before her first birthday.


I love her bright orange dress, it’s (to me ) a grown-up day dress. It’s so sweet and darling and matches her personality perfectly.


I have to be honest I’d wear this dress!! It’s so Spring and sweet and I love her little heels, they are defiantly her trade mark.


Saving the best for last!!! I don’t think theres much to say about this one, it really speaks for itself. So all I’m going to say is nailed it!!!!!

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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Bye ladies
Amy xx


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