Coleen Rooney

¡Hola! So sorry I haven’t posted in for and ever but I’ve honestly been so sick, I’ve hardly been able to even look at WordPress let alone type up a post. But I’m glad that I have such ah-mazing readers(?) that I can go away for a few days and come back and still have so many views, I’m near the 500 mark!!!! So today I’m going to show you(if your not English/Irish you might not know her but google her) Coleen Rooney’s style. Coleen is married to Wayne Rooney (Manchester United player) and mother to Kai.
I think her look is super chic especially for a busy mom.
Heres some:
(For that first picture if you are/know any of the people in the background and would rather it be taken down comment below and I will do so!)



Thats all for me ladies and I am still so sick but I will defiantly have an ‘Outfit of the Week’ by Sunday at the latest.
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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