All Grown Up: Disney Stars!

¡Hola! Okay so I’m sure all,of us shed a tear reading this title but it’s true some if our(well mine anyway!) favourite Disney stars are grown up. This post will be about the Disney girls I personally looked up to when I was young and their style.

Bridget Mendler:

Okay so Bridget’s style is defiantly your ‘beachy’ , California girl(not sure if she is California) and she’s oh-so-chic!!!!

Selena Gomez:

This style wizard(too cheesy??) rocks the perf balance between trendy,on style bright colours and the elegant style and cut.

Demi Lavato:

Personally I think this outfit is ah-doreable and I would so wear it. It’s on trend but shenhas her own touches put to it.

Miley Cyrus:

I think Miley has a very funky and unique style that I would class as ‘urban’ , I personally an too girly for this but I think it suits Miley to-a-T!!!

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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