TAG: I <3 Spring!

¡Hola! Ladies. Heads up this post is going to be long so if you can’t read it all just read read the Notes at the end. Okay so today I spent all morning on my couch watching E!(you gotta love the Kardashians right!?) and looking through all of your ah-mazing blogs(BTW if you have a new post up comment below so I can check it out!) when I decided that I had nothing to show for the six hours I’d been awake. So I decided to do the ‘I ❤ Spring' tag!!!

Okay so personally I’m not a huge reader because I’m way to busy (though I totally recommend it) I like to pick out 2 or 3 books for Spring and Summer that I have to read.
Above the books are:
Heist Society and Only The Good Spy Young both by Ally Carter.
The sunglasses in the picture were the BIGGEST bargain I’ve seen in a long time. I got these in Primark/Pennys last year!!

I think this bag is the cutest thing I have ever seen, I have honesty had this for about 2 years and I love transitioning it from season to season. I’m not sure where it’s from because it was a gift from my aunt.

Okay I was clearly getting my feet ready for Spring and Summer!!
The shoes above are from Primark/Pennys (I promise I shop other places to!) but these where so cheap and their ah-dorable. I think they were on sale €5!!!
Nail Polishes:
On the left is Barry M‘s nail paint in the shade 308.
On the right is NYC‘s nail polish in the shade Lexington Yellow 294.
The foot Cream is Norwegian Formula‘s nourishing foot cream for dry and damaged feet and I 100% recommend it.

Books (already listed above) and are a great read BTW.
The my UGGS,I know a-lot of people don’t like UGGS but I love my UGGS and their perf for Spring !!!

Okay so again bag and foot cream listed above.
On the left is Garnier‘s brand new ‘Moisture Match’. Mine is for normal skin and it protects and glows.
On the far right is Batiste‘s dry shampoo in their new scent ‘fruity & cheeky cherry’.

I love ‘BB cream’s’ for the Spring and Summer because it’s so much lighter than a foundation and that is important to me. This one is Rimmel London‘s own BB cream which is a 9-IN-1 ‘skin perfecting super makeup’ it has SPF 25 and I wear the shade medium.

Okay so this is my fave blush for Spring and it’s by Collection in the shade ‘Blushalicious’ .

Eyelash curler!!! I like eyelash curlers more in Spring because rather than wearing heavy mascara you can just curl those lashes and your good to go, this one is by QVS.

This is a darling lipstick by Miss Sporty in the shade INNOCENCE 009. It’s super light and honestly feels like a balm more than a lipstick.

Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A

Okay so I tag all of you to-do this tag but I’m also going to tag some specific people below:
The Girl In The Yellow Dress.
Random Beauty Things
sinful stilettos
If you do this post comment below and let me know so I can check it out!!
Happy Spring,
Amy !!



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