Pregnancy Wars!

¡Hola! So todays post is going to be a Best Dressed between two of the most famous moms to be. Before I start I just want to say that I’m not trying to be mean or offensive towards either lady , everyone handles pregnancy differently and they are both doing great, this is just my opinion. Lets get started:

Okay as much as I love Kim and Keeping up with the Kardashians I think her choice of outfit is way to revelling regardless of her being pregnant. Even though I personally wouldn’t wear Kate’s choice, I think it’s much more respectable and lady-like.

Kim, Kim, Kim , my dear what was going through your mind when you put this on? Sweetheart I understand not trying to hide your bump and everything but this makes you look triple the size.
I love what Kate’s wearing here, even though she’s twice my age and pregnant I would defiantly wear it. It’s such a summery, playful look.

Kim okay this dress would look beautiful if you didn’t look so confined in it. Try a size bigger.
Kate looks beautiful here almost airbrushed, I love her coat it’s genuinely stunning!

I don’t like Kim’s dress at all. It’ s way too western for me.
Kate looks perfect here, she’s glowing!!

Okay so I know that sounded biased and it probs was as I prefer Kate to Kim, sorry about that. Comment below and tell me your favourite and why.
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Wars!

  1. Kate is the perfect example of a lady. I think Kim just prefers to wear clothing that shows her curves, which does’t exactly go well with her pregnancy.
    Thanks for your comment on my most recent post!

  2. Who wouldn’t pick Kate? I love all the outfits she is wearing! Kate is a very good fashion Icon because she is very conservative. With Kim, being pregnet, you shouldn’t really wear tight clothing. AT ALL!

    Luv Me,
    Honor Jones💋

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