Beauty Gurus

¡Hola! I know I have been terrible with putting up posts lately but bear with me I have exams coming up but I will make it up big time over the summer!!
Anyway todays post is the fashion war between some of my favourite youtube beauty gurus. But before I begin I’d like to say that lately I’ve been loving youtube and may make my own fashion and beauty channel, but if any of you guys have a channel or have one you’d recommend comment it below I’d looovvvveeee to check it out!!!

Blair or ‘Juicystar07’:


Blair’s style is very Californian chic and very put together. Love it!

Elle or ‘Allthatglitters21’:


Elle’s style is very girly and sweet but still mature and classy.

Bethany or ‘Macbarbie07’:


Bethany’s style is very sweet , playful and cute but still very socialised!

Nikki or ‘Nikkiphillippi’


Nikki’s style is very casual and easy but still very preppy!

Ingrid or ‘missglamorazzi’:


Ingrid’s style is very mature but still cute and girly.



Michelle’s style is very elegant and mature but still super girly!!

I defiantly recommend you youtube all of these girls.
I can’t pick a favourite, too close to call but comment below yours!
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with any of the girls listed above , I just thought they deserved to be mentioned. All of the pictures are from either google or the girls Instagram.
Love amy xx


4 thoughts on “Beauty Gurus

  1. Great post, dear! 🙂
    I have a series on my blog called “You Tube-r of the Moment” were I talk of my favourites beauty gurus, check it out! 🙂

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