Libster Awards Tag!

Libster Awards

¡Hola! Ladies I’ve taken this tag so that you can get to know me even more (since the last one was such a success!) and their fun posts for me to do!
Everyone that was tagged must:
– Post 11 fun facts about themselves.
– Answer 11 questions listed by the blogger that tagged them.
– Tag 11 bloggers and give them a new set of 11 qustions.
I tag:
1.Sequins and Sweets
2.Massie Mae Block
3.Massie Elizabeth Block
4.Official Dylan Marvil
5.Rachel Grace
6.Olivia Ryan
7.Fashion Conspiracy
8.Random Beauty Things
9.The Charm of Life
10.Style Snapshot
11.Massie Glamorous Alpha

11 Fun Facts about me!

1. I have two pet dogs, Roxy and Cindy.
2. I have long, thick chocolate brown hair.
3. I’m so clumsy, I’ve broken
-my foot
– 3 of my fingers
– split my head open
– dislocated my hips
4. I’m nicknamed the malteaser, because I’m dark(hair) on the outside and blonde on the inside!!! Meaning I’m not the brightest!
5. I LOVE reality Tv!
6. I would really love to set up a channel on YouTube and become a beauty blogger.
7. My birthday is the 28th of October.
8. I have never died my hair.
9. I’ve never had a filling or anything like that but I am getting braces.
10. I have two sister.
11. I come from a HUGE family and on my moms side alone I have 22 first cousins.

11 Questions:
1.Q: If you are reading a book and discover that it was your life would you finish it?
A: That’s such a hard question… I would really want to know, but if something bad happened I’d waste my life worrying about it and trying to fix it.
2.Q: What is your least favourite word?
A: My least favourite word would have to be death because it’s such a sad thing that never brings happiness only pain.
3.Q: If you are offered two weeks of a dream vacation to only in one place where would you go?
A: Bora Bora! It’s so calming and peaceful it’s truly beautiful there. I would love to spend two weeks laying in the beautiful sun and having foreign and relaxing massages and tasting all the new foods. I’d also be really excited to go swimming with the sea life in the beautiful clear ocean.
4. Q: What are your phobias?
A: I have the worlds worst fear of spiders. I hate all spiders even those little ones that everyone says I are more afraid of me then I am of them.
5.Q: Early bird or night owl?
A: Very much so an early bird. I’m still afraid of the dark!
6.Q: What is your favourite holiday and why?
A: My favourite holiday was Paris because it was so beautiful I’d really love to return soon.
7.Q: If you could change one thing in your life what would it be!
A: Oh easily I change my name, I’ve never really liked my name it’s very plain and boring and to simple. I love the names Eden , Lara and Paris.
8.Q: If you could hang out with any celebrity for one day who would it be?
A: Kylie and Kendal Jenner. I must sound obsessed with them because I’m always talking about them but funnily I’ve never done a post on them but there is one coming soon!
9.Q: What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
A: I wouldn’t be able to live without fashion. Fashion is so interesting and entertaining to me and it makes me happy!
10.Q: What’s that one make up product that you couldn’t without?
A: Mascara ,I love mascara! Mascara, mascara, mascara all the way!!!
11.Q: Dream job?
A: A fashion or interior designer.
My 11 Questions:

1. What’s one quote you wish the world would live by?
2. If you found a time machine but could only go to one different era , what time period would you travel to and why?
3. What’s one (fashion) trend that you think ended to soon?
4. If you could take back one world tragedy what would it be and why?
5. Favourite type of film?
6. Where is your favourite place in the world?
7. Whats one (fashion) trend you REFUSE to follow?
8. If you were the president of the world for one day what would you change and why?
9. What’s your worst beauty habit?
10. What’s your best beauty habit?
11. If you created your own shoe line, what would you name it and why?

I tag all of you to do this too!
My questions were very creative!
Thank You for reading and don’t forget to follow me for more posts!
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


2 thoughts on “Libster Awards Tag!

  1. I loved your Liebster Award post!
    Thank you for tagging me, I didn’t realize you tagged me when I did my Liebster Award post (I am just now getting around to reading the last two weeks of posts…) but I’ll mention it in my next post. 🙂

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