Holly Willoughby

¡Hola! Ladies todays post is dedicated to the most poised, graceful and simply beautiful woman on British Tv, know who I’m talking about?… Holly Willoughby of coarse!!! This post is going to be all about her fashion, beauty and hair! I’ll have 9 outfits to show you, 3 of her beauty/hair looks and how to get them!


Looking stunning here beside Philip Schofield . Wearing this gorgeous dress that is both flattering and basic. This dress fits beautifully, cinching in her waist and also falling at the perfect length, it was the perfect choice. The basic pattern and pale colouring is cleverly paired with deep purple heeled shoes. Stunning!

This is such a classy look. Her fun pencil skirt shows off her slim waist and accentuates her legs beautifully. Her top defines her shoulders making them look perfectly feminine and also hides any lumps and bumps she may want to go unnoticed(although I doubt she has any!).

This dress is stunning! I need haha! The figure hugging dress makes the best of her beautiful figure but is cut at the right length to give the illusion on longer legs! The chiffon material and the peter pan collar pulls it all together and makes it very ‘in’.

This is defiantly a more casual look but equally as lovely. Pairing the skinny jeans with the ballet flats was a clever idea because it sets the tone for the whole look and therefore allows the big jacket to make the outfit even more trendy!

This look defiantly showcases Hollies ‘mommy’ side! Pairing her skinny jeans with this floaty top is a good way too hide your butt if you’d like too! The this loose tweed blazer helps neutralise the barbie pink top and makes it more wearable.

I really do like this look because it showcases the extremes of the British weather. Wearing this gorgeous fitting,ruby, lace dress paired with the black tights and coat(because if she didn’t she would freeze!). Accessorised with a black Chanel purse and as a great pop of colour these cheetah t-bar shoes.

Again another mommy look! This beautiful patterned dress(long top) over the jeans sets the canvas for an ultra casual outfit, while tying it in with the black blazer and black heeled pumps. Then again a brown bag to neutralise the whole look!

Here with beautiful son Harry( who has clearly inherited mom’s sense of style).

Another mommy look here showcasing a beautiful deep blue lace dress with a white lace peter pan collar! Paired with black tights and black combat boots to toughen up the look!


1. You need to get a perfect canvas. That does not mean to cake on the foundation. Try using foundation, conclear, pressed powder. Put light blush and bronzer on if you’d like a dewy complexion.
2. Mild smoky eyes. This is easier if you have a kit. I like benefit ‘s Smokin’ Eyes kit.
3. A plain lip. Go for a nude or baby pink lipstick or just go really simple and use clear lipgloss.
4. Windswept hair with ALOT of volume. Take this picture to the hair salon or try blow-drying your hair upside down and invest in a moose or any other hair product to create texture.

1. Fill in the brows. Holly’s eyebrows in this are totally perfect! Make sure that your eyebrow pencil matches the hair colour!
2. Try some airy fairy eyeshadows. Light,delicate,pale colours! If you have brown eyes try lavender or pale blue colours and if you have green/blue eyes try pale orange, pink or red eyeshadows.
3. Pale pink cheeks. You need to create a healthy glow so use pink bushes and some highlighter.
4. Messy waves with a braid on the side! Create the messy textured hair by sleeping with your hair in braids or by using a hot hair tool. Babyliss beach maker is my favourite one.

1. Bright lips!!! Try a barbie doll pink or a bright red colour!!
2. Neutral eyes. Using the colours above to match your eye colour!
3. Again create the perfect canvas!!
4. Curly hair! Try use a GHD or a curling wand. Again I like the Babyliss one!

What do you guys think of Holly’s style?
Have a wonderful day!
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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