Back to School: Hair!

¡Hola! Ladies! So that I’ve been MIA for a while! But anyway I’m back now! For August I’m going to be doing a Back to School series. It’s going to include make-up looks, outfits, hair styles and school essentials! Todays will be hairstyles.
1. Fishtail or Fishbone braid. This is really very simple and ends up looking very intricate and beautiful. Basically you separate your hair into two pieces then take a small piece of hair from one side and carry it over to the other side. Then do the same with the other side and repeat until you reach the end. If you want a more polished plait pull it tighter, if you want a messy look pull it lightly! If should end up looking something like this!


2.Messy Bun. The messy bun is incredibly easy to perfect and leaves you this cute and effortless look! You basically put your hair in a ponytail at the tape of your neck, then coil your pony tail around the bobbin and pin the ends into your head! Pull little strands of hair down around your face to frame it! It should end up looking similar to this!


3.High-pony . The high-pony tail is such a classic , easy look. It’s pretty self explanatory! Curl the ends or add a bow to make it cuter!



4.Bow. This is a dainty, sweet, pretty , basic look. Just add a bow! American Apparel and Claires do cute ones!


Thanks for reading!
Love you to the moon and back!
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A


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