Ciao ladies in this section of my blog you will get a closer look at my life. This will be in detail so it will be long here is what it will cover:

– A little bit about me ~ Not too much I have enough stalkers already!

– A normal weekday~ Obviously this will change on holidays,events,breaks for school,weekends, ect

-My morning routine(face)

-My night routine(face)

-Diet tips & tricks

-A few essential tips on how to be confident

About Me:

I’m a teenage girl. I attend a all girls school which I love (not the work part!)no I like the friends and the fun!I like I to go shopping and to the spa together and we ah-dore our weekly sleepovers!! We also enjoy our mid-week trips to Starbucks!

When it comes to pets I have a Bichon Frise, which is a small, white furry,french dog called Cindy !!ah-dorbs xoxo She likes her daily walks, sleeping infront of an open fire, listening to me but most of all getting new clothes!!!  Her fave piece right now is her white spanish sundress. She hearts it!!!!

A Normal Weekday:

6:30-Wake Up

6:33-Dress~This dosen’t take long unfortunly my school has a uniform~Tragique

6:40-Style Hair ~ Curls,Straighten,Crimp ect

7:00-Morning Face Routine(below) than make-up

7:20-Eat Healthy Breakfast~ eg Cereal with fruit(banana,strawberry,ect) , Toast and honey , Vegetable omelette

7:30-Carpool ~ My advice is get to school early enough I like to be 30minutes-40minutes early this way you can be organised and still have time to touch up your hair and make-up

8:30-School ~ Bor-hing!!

3:45- Carpool

4:00- Depending On The Day~ Spa-to get nails done, Shopping-twice on weekdays, Starbucks, Get brows waxed/Hair salon/Visit family

5:30-Homework~Uf(ugh in spanish)

6:00-Dinner~ Different every night, usually healthy though!

6:20-Walk Cindy

7:00-Have a shower ~shampoo, use conditioning treatment , pink cashmere body wash

7:10-Moisturise Body~ This so important

7:15-Blow Dry Hair

7:45-Free Time ~ TV,Internet,Magazines,Call friends,ect

10:00-Night Face Routine(below)

10:15-Beauty Sleep

My Morning Routine:

Wash face using face wash of your choice

Black-head scrub

Moisturise skin

*** When drying your face make sure NOT to pull your skin. Do you really want wrinkles? Like eh-moi-gawd

My NightTime Routine:

Take Make-up off

Wash Face

Use night time anti-aging beauty serum~Can’t hurt to start fighting wrinkles early!

Diet Tips And Tricks:

Try not to diet thats setting yourself up for failure! Instead try to eat healthy and avoid sweets

Go to the gym as often as you can most gyms have ‘Teen Gyms’ which are usually ah-mazing and I heart them!Plus you can get some cute gym wear!!!

Drink vitamin water it’s a miracle for you skin and tastes delish

Always drink a full glass of water before you eat a meal it will fill you up so you wont eat as much!

How To Be Confident:

Have perf posture

Have an ah-mazing wardrobe(doesn’t matter what’s in it once it’s and it looks good!)

Always look perfect but in a natural way.Don’t paint your face like an umpa lumpas!

Shiny Hair is a must-plus if you look good you’ll feel good!

Manicured nails

Have a signature scent ~ Chanel , Juicy , Vera Wang , Chloè

BE CONFIDENT ~ This is proven to have people drawn to you!!

Good Luck ❤



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