Outfit of the Week!

Okay so this is the page where you will find outfits I have worn myself , I thought it was a-bit hypocritical to have a fashion blog and not provide proof that you now what your doing!!!
Anyway I will tell you where I got everything (if I know). I know most of my readers (is it cliche too say that??) are American and I am not so I apologise if you can’t get some clothing items but most of the stores have Apps and/or Websites so no worries !!
Personally I would say my style is classic, dressy, and mature for my age though there are days when I am very chic and quite down to earth!
Anyway if you have any questions leave them below.(Btw so sorry for my terrible photography, I’ll work on it!).


Dress-No name
Belt- I’m not sure but it might have been H&M or Zara.
Shoes- I really don’t know .I’m sorry!!! If you’ve seen them anywhere please comment below and tell me.


Coat: New Look
Belt: Pennys/Primark
Skirt: I honestly haven’t a clue sorry. It may have been Forever 21 but I could be wrong so no guarantees.
Top: New Look
Tights: H&M or Pennys/Primark
Scarf: Pennys/Primark I’d imagine, my aunt bought this for me but I think she got it here.
Oxford Flats: No idea sorry.

Dress: Pennys/Primark
* This was part of the Spring Style For Less post.

Shoes: Pennys/Primark
Necklace: Not sure sorry!
* This was part of the Spring Style For Less post.

I will update this page weekly with my ‘Outfit of the Week’ and will notify you all when I do.
Stay Stunning,
xoxo ~ A
Disclaimer ; All of the products/clothes were bought out of my own money unless otherwise stated!!
With love,
Amy xx


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